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Wish Upon a Michelin Star

If I could wish upon a Michelin Star, I would wish to have Chef Henrik Yde-Anderson prepare another creative dish for me. Representing more than just Thai flavors with his signature twists, the Chef integrates his life experiences and stories into each creation - and his menu items are truly a 'creation.' He embraces his freedom to "mix and match," as he puts it, the inspirations and cuisines he explores different cultures and ingredients.

I know the prerequisites to earn a Michelin Star are involved and set to the highest standards. However, to me, the beauty of a Michelin Chef rests in a distinct ability to pair and share the essence of ingredients by understanding how they dance and merge on the tongue. Chef Henrik's Tuna Tartare with Crispy Lotus reflected this to me with an impeccable mingling of flavors that started with a burst of sweet, quickly followed by the heart-warming and slightly savory taste of the tartare. His brilliance is artfully presented in Salmon with Soy, Sesame, and Ginger. A frozen glaze, meant to be broken like a creme brûlée, adds a fanciful sensation to the curious salmon dish. You have never experienced salmon this way before - and may never find salmon in this way again. Chef Henrik's signature dish, Frozen Red Curry with Litchi & Lobster was my pick of the menu. This dish includes both the unexpected cold sensation of frozen red curry, and a balanced finish of avocado puree, along with the mildly-more dramatic tastes of lobster and litchi in the middle, left me completely content.

You will be remiss to miss Chef Henrik's creativity and storytelling through his thoughtful and edible canvas of Thai-inspired flavors. His ingredients each mean something specific to him in the context of his life story and experiences around the world - particularly Thailand.  Whether at Kiin Kiin, his Copenhagen restaurant, or during his brief stay at Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi, take in the scent sensations of walking through Bankok with his Chiang Mai Sausage Scent of Bankok that arrives smoking under a glass cover at the table - and search for the Chili in Chili and Mekong on the Rocks for a sweet finish your meal. Your time with this Chef's creations will be as memorable as it is delicious!


*Andrea frequently enjoys visiting Emirates Palace as a media guest and on her own leisure time. This Michelin Star experience with Chef Henrik Yde-Andersen was hosted by Emirates Palace. The event was sponsored, but this story is true to her experience. © 2017 Andrea Rip | The Earth Ink. All Rights Reserved Unless Specified.

* originally posted on 18 January 2017 at

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