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Nepal : Finding True Color

Updated: Sep 28, 2018

Unexpected and rather last minute trips to Russia and Nepal this summer were eye-opening and thought-provoking journeys into my own still-short sighted understanding of these places in the world. In Nepal, I was challenged to discover and learn more about completely different religious backgrounds and admire fascinating architecture in Kathmandu and Pokhara – while admiring the God-sized architecture found in the Himalayan Mountains.

In this blog, I invite your to join me on an exploration to Nepal by color. Each image below includes three parts: a natural-colored image, to the same view with color alterations, and another in black and white. The images represent a week of travels that was experience-rich, eye-opening, and overflowing with thoughtful introspection along with loads of color, people, customs, culture, and sights.

But this little artistic project goes much deeper – with many layers of analogy. Perhaps you will also find something thought-provoking in these images:

  • You might see that in a world full of half truths and lies, there is still truth – one true image anchors each series of photos – through a discerning eye, by peeling away the finishes, you can uncover the true subject captured.

  • Perhaps you can see how easy it is to visually tweak some colors to create a different mood, tell a different story, or represent a different emotion – and be challenged to use more discernment when interpreting messages from the media and other people.

  • Or maybe you are reminded that even though you see things in one way, another person may interpret those colors differently from you – even in the same place and time.

  • Or you might discover that there is much more to life than just the black and white representation you see – including heartwarming traditions and deep wisdom.

For more images in this series you will find some more below – or visit @TheEarthInk on Instagram for the entire story.

So many doors, so many layers to peel away on Nepal. Alice in Wonderland would have loved discovering a kaleidoscope of colors, customs, and people through all of these small wooden palace doorways.

From my lunchtime open-window view, I began to take in Durbar Square using all my senses - especially sights, sounds, and smells. Through the wooden frame, I could people-watch while trying my first momo.

A meditating Buddha, with rice in hair and sweets smashed to lips, looks well taken care of at Swayambhunath.

Visiting numerous temples, stupas, and holy places for Hindu and Buddhist followers in Kathmandu, a knowledgable guide explained more about the faiths than I can remember. One bit that sticks is the color. I wanted to fill my camera with every shade!

Kathmandu Valley is well populated. I was happy that we had a break from rainy season for this view sans smog and city haze from Swayambhunath. Even from above, the City is colorful!


Highest regards for Narayan, my travel "manager" at Unique Waymaker Treks & Expeditions. FB: @nepaluniquetrek (trip was entirely self-funded / not sponsored).

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