Andrea's 40th Birthday

12 - 20 October 2018

For those sharing accommodation, we can also share a number of groceries - particularly for breakfast or sandwiches depending how the itinerary goes together. Those who book their own accommodation, come over for breakfast!

A birthday meal will be planned - with a carrot cake dessert.


Greenhouse Restaurant

Open for lunch and recommended by friends: "Unique food experience among tomato plants."

*image: Pierre-Selim Huard / wikimedia

Open From:

12:00 - 16:00

Thunder Bread

Curious Geothermal Baking

Also known as Volcano Bread or Geothermal Bread, the town of Laugarvatn is known for their unconventional ovens (in the sand).

*Image: icelandexperiment.com

Open From:


Svarta Kaffið

Be at the Bread Bowl

Soup and soup. This restaurant has two cauldrons of soup and fresh bread bowls for lunch or dinner.

Image: Generic Bread Bowl, Bill Selak / Flickr

Open From:


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