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A Collection of Luggage Tags

Do you treasure things that just sit in a box, drawer, or envelope just waiting to be seen again? With the challenge ofminimalism trending, I think many of us struggle to let go of these little collections. After five years of living in the UAE, it surprises (and annoys) me how many thing occupy my once very simple space.

One such collection I have is travel documents – tickets, boarding passes, luggage tags, photo booth snapshots, stickers, and the like. It my mind, I would have stuffed these items with my printed photographs in a scrapbook, but those books would probably take up an entire bookcase by now. I surmise that I've kept these things because they are tangible bits of my personal history.

This past year, I challenged myself to do something with my old luggage tags. They are temporary documents – prone to fading and discoloration with the sun and certainly not the most clean stickers after being abused through airport baggage handling systems and then stashed in the side pockets of my suitcases for years. So, I had to create something that may only last a few years – a fleeting way to preserve my memories.

These travel scraps turned into travel posters from. I picked three of the interesting places on Earth where I've called "home" and put myself to work organizing the tags onto the poster, creating stencils that would guide my artwork on each poster, and trying my hand at painting silhouettes at the bottom of each.

The result makes me happy and I have hung them in a dark hallway in my apartment to preserve them as long as I can without too much discoloration. I also snapped some photographs - so when the posters quality expires, I still have those memories of my travels, my homes, and my creative spirit.


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