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Andrea's 40th Birthday

12 - 20 October 2018

Start with the Basics

sweaters, long sleeved shirts, jacket, pants, jeans, socks, walking or hiking shoes, underwear, belt, pajamas, swimsuit, swimsuit coverup, flip flops, one nice outfit to celebrate in

Cold Weather Considerations

hat, scarf, gloves or mittens, long underwear or multiple layers, wool socks, boots, snow pants, warm coat or jacket

Bring Your Bathroom

shampoo, soap, conditioner, washcloth, makeup, deodorant, lotion, razor, shaving cream, hair brush or comb, nail clippers or file, cotton balls and q-tips, small mirror, camp towel (something quick drying), toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, tweezers, glasses or reading glasses, contacts, perfume / cologne, sunscreen, chapstick, tampons (for the ladies), prescriptions, pain relievers, eye mask and ear plugs, wet wipes

Don't Forget Your Documents

passport, itinerary, currency (if you plan to change money), debit or credit cards (call your bank in advance to tell them you're traveling), copies of your passport and cards (kept on a USB or in a separate place from your originals), journal, pen, medical and trip insurance card or policy

*If you've been to a Yellow Fever country, don't forget your vaccination card.

Tech + Gadgets (or leave 'em home)

camera, mobile phone, spare batteries, laptop, iPad, power cords, adapters (UK prongs), memory cards, headphones, watch, tripod, waterproof casings or bags

Some Other Stuff

house key, wallet, neck pillow, sunglasses, bug repellant, first aid kit, laundry and wet clothes bag, a few extra ziplocks, water bottle and travel mug, reusable shopping bag, luggage scale, jewelry, book, small packable game or deck of cards, teddy bear, sense of humor

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